How to make money and work from home (or just about anywhere)

Digital Nomad

How to make money and work from home

Hi, my name is Lee and I am a Digital Nomad. Before we get into that let me ask you a question.

If you could earn more money how much would it be? $500? $1,000? $5,000?

Let me ask you another question. What’s the one thing stopping you?

Ask that question to hundreds of people and I get hundreds of answers but in all honesty there is only one answer and that is you!

I can help you unlock your potential money making ability and give you that lifestyle change you not only want but need! Whether you want some extra cash and work from home or up sticks and travel the world, I can help you make money online. People who do travel and work wherever life takes them are known today as Digital Nomads.

Not having a boss is very rewarding, not only can you never be fired but you can also decide how much you want to make. Imagine going up to your boss now and saying “I’d like 2 extra days off and another $3,000 per month…. oh yes and I’d like to work from home and maybe from Europe from time to time”.

I think they would spend at least an hour laughing before telling you to lie down for a bit, get your head checked and get back to work!!

Now imagine you are your own boss. You want to earn an extra $3,000. You do it! You want to work just 4 days a week. You do it! You want to work and travel Europe. You do it!

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 What is a Digital Nomad?

Well to answer that fully let’s have a look at some traditional definitions and put them into today’s modern context.

What is a nomad? / What does nomad mean?
The nomad definition states a nomad is a member of a people that travels from place to place to find fresh pasture for its animals and has no permanent home.
A person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer.
Wiki definition

So what does a Digital Nomad do?

This video will help you see why its becoming so popular.

Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. In more simplistic terms a person who does not have a fixed place of work and can work anywhere they choose. They make money online but without the ties of a fixed location. Imagine your office is in the cloud. You have no desk either. You have your business purely online and on your laptop.

As a Digital Nomad I have traveled to 17 countries so far and am enjoying a great lifestyle working not only where I want but how I want. I haven’t got an office and I haven’t got a boss and I answer only to myself.

Now being mobile isn’t everyone’s choice but one thing that I find most people want and that is freedom. Freedom to make their own money, freedom to work hours that suit them, freedom to be paid what they want and not what someone feels you are worth. Working where everything is in the cloud gives you that freedom and being your own boss let’s you write the paycheck you feel you are worth.

Business Plan

It does not matter if you are starting a business online or offline. One thing you will definitely need is a business plan. Having a strong plan will help you get to where you need to be. Click here to follow my step by step guide, as you follow my business plan template you will see the process and the steps required. Starting a blog site or shopping site to make money online is easy when you know where to begin and what is needed.

How to make money online

Let me ask you this, have you ever searched for the following:

Work at home jobs, work from home jobs
Earn money online
Ways to make money from home, how to make money from home
Ways to make money online, how to make money online

What was the result? When I searched I found a neverending list of job boards, ads for stock trading, how to sell your stuff, clipping coupons and even a site telling you how to get rich (fyi don’t bother, one of the ways was have rich parents, like you can choose that! I mean if you could we all would right?)

The thing that I found was that the people who want your attention the most are not going to be the ones who give you the answers you need. You want a real job with real income.

Why ’50 ways to earn’ sites will never work

To be honest selling your old shoes on ebay or filling out online surveys are crappy ways to suggest you can make extra cash and work from home for someone else? All you are doing is working to line someone else’s pockets and you will be lucky to earn minimum wage.

I tried many of these so called great ideas with complete and utter failure. I signed up to a site that promised to make me up to $2,000 per month, after 30 hours of filling in surveys, half of which cancelled halfway through for not meeting the criteria, I was left with $15.

I mean 50 cents an hour? WTF!!

So how can I help you make money online and become financially independent? Well I have a step by step business plan which you can follow absolutely free, create a blog, affiliate or shopping site. Have your own cloud based business and be up and running and earning in as little as a week.

Sure it sounds too good to be true, if you take it at face value it is. To be honest it’s hard work but the rewards are there if you want them. You don’t need to be an IT genius either.
So what are you waiting for? Click the link  below and let’s start making you some cold hard cash. Thank you for reading.

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