Buyer intent – How to make money fast(er)

how to make money fast

Find the right audience

It sounds a bit obvious doesn’t it but this really is key to making a success from not only your niche but your site as a whole. What we are really talking about here is buyer intent. Get the buyer intent spot on and you will have learnt how to make money fast, faster than most of your competition at least.

What is buyer intent?

Well imagine you are browsing the internet for a recipe for chocolate cake. The search results come in and the top result is for cookware, cake tins and utensils. The second is for cookers, kitchens and white goods. The third is for cake recipes.

The first 2 sites may have better rankings for the keyword chocolate cake recipe (don’t worry we will get onto keywords and what they mean soon) but the intent is wrong. You are not looking to buy anything but to get information so the first 2 sites have failed.

So you need to decide how you want to provide your service. Going back to the coffee idea you may have noticed I used different intents for my examples:

Direct sales: You have a product to sell on your site. The pro’s for this are stock control and ordering and higher potential revenues. The cons are higher startup and stock costs. No guarantee of sales.

Indirect or affiliate sales: Think Amazon when you think affiliate and you will understand more.
Imagine you buy coffee from a certain brand, write a glowing review on your site and add a link to the coffee you mentioned. Every time someone clicks through and buys the coffee you make a small commission. The pro’s for this are low startup costs, zero stock holding and no negative profit. The cons are you need to sell items to make any money and you will have higher levels of competition.

Informational: You are providing information and are not selling anything. You may be providing reviews, thoughts or useful information to your readers. The pro’s for this are you can add advertising to your site which will provide revenue each time someone visits and sees your ads also if they click the ad’s you can earn there too. The cons are your ad revenue is directly tied to your traffic. Low visits mean low ad revenue.

Target your niche idea

Ok, so we now have our niche and we have an idea that we want our coffee niche site to have affiliate sales, now what?
Well we now want to choose a set of keywords which will help us get to the front page of the search engines. Why is this important? Well think of how you browse, how often do you go to page 35 of Google? Bing? or indeed any of them? I’m guessing never.

If your page is below page 5 chances are you will not get more then a few hits to your site each month. With such low traffic you will never be able to sustain a viable internet business unless you are selling something which will make you thousands for each sale.

Even if you are on page 1 of Google this does not guarantee you high traffic, in fact the lions share of the traffic goes to spot 1 on the first page (around 40%). Saying that, ALL sites on the first page do get good traffic just by being on the first page. Lets have a look at how we would look for good keywords.


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