The best way to pack a suitcase

There are may schools of thought here for what is the best way to pack a suitcase and it seems everyone likes to have their own method, myself included. I think the thing that you really need to check first is ‘what are you actually taking?’

While people are banging on about what method works and what doesn’t, it seems nobody is really focused on the items themselves and what you are hoping to achieve.

Are you looking to get as much in your case no matter what? Are you looking to crease your clothes as little as possible?

Are you going to be moving around a lot and changing frequently?Are you going to be using packing cubes?

Have a look at these videos, there are really 2 main packing styles here, the roll and the bundle. Here is the roll method which shows you how to make a sausage shaped bundle from pretty much any clothing item by folding a lip into the item along the horizontal bottom edge, then 3 vertical folds to make a narrow strip which is then rolled and then tucked into the lip.

This is a great way to compress your item into neat little packs which you can then stuff into all the nooks and cranny’s of your suitcase, backpack or carry on.

The main advantage here is space saving. The downside of this packing method is that creases are not only unavoidable they are inevitable.

If you are looking for a less creased trip then maybe save this method for items not on show such as socks and underwear.

The next video shows the bundle method. This involves building up a cross shaped pile of clothes where the overlap of your clothes is the same size as your case, trousers and jeans are placed alternately, waist inwards in an east and west fashion, then shirts and other items, placed similarly in a north to south fashion. then starting from the top, folding each layer in to build up a bundle of clothing from the middle outwards

This is a great way to keep your clothes as crease free as possible as you are actively folding the clothes taughtly around the previous layer thus keeping the creases from forming as would happen in a traditional fold and stack style of packing.

The main advantage for this is of course keeping the creases out but it’s a great space saver too. The downside is that the bundle is not very user friendly if you are looking to get access to items inside the bundle. You will find yourself going through the whole thing to get to a particular piece of clothing.

So what is the best way to pack a suitcase?

Not surprisingly all of these options require you to pack in a different way so when you are looking for the best way to pack a suitcase I believe the answer is all of the above. Get yourself a good set of packing cubes, compression cubes for absolute space saving, regular for creating mini bundles.

Then bundle pack your shirts, blouses, trousers, dresses and jeans into these regular cubes, roll your underwear and socks and stuff these into shoes and gaps around your bulky items.

What you will be left with is is a set of regular packing cubes each with a mini bundle of clothes, your shoes which will be full of rolled underwear and socks, these will be on the bottom of your case soles facing out, your cubes layered over the top with any other rolled items squeezed into the gaps.

In my opinion this is the best way to pack a suitcase as you will have the best of everything. Easy access to all of your clothes without having to unpack everything, maximum use of all available space, your clothes bundled into smaller bundles to avoid having to go empty your whole case while still keeping the creases at bay and the cubes to separate clean and dirty clothes.