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Here is where we get to put the meat into your site. If you are looking to engage your target audience you will have to find a way of getting their attention. There are so many ways to do this it would be impossible for me to try and show you every way. In all honesty what may appeal to some may not appeal to others. There may be some people who really relate to what I am saying for example and others who will just click away. That’s life.

What is  important though is finding those people who are interested in what you have to say and keeping them as recurring visitors to your site.

Not content with content

See what I did there? A little play on words. You may either smile, groan or ignore that. I’m choosing to think smile. But seriously folks, the key to a successful piece of content is to be passionate about it. If you have a little bit of knowledge and a whole bucketful of enthusiasm then you are halfway there.

Try to be yourself too, your enthusiastic self that is. If you have chosen your niche and keywords well then the content will just write itself. Whether it’s about one of the greatest gadgets you have ever bought down to your most heartfelt thoughts on a topic, there are people out there that want to know.

There is a saying, ‘fake it until you make it’, but in the blogging world I don’t think that really holds true. If you are not passionate or serious about your topic people will feel it and may feel you are not consistent or genuine about your site. This is a no no for you as you want and need to built trust in both your brand and yourself. Often, depending on what you are offering you will find that you are your brand so you will want to be as consistent as possible.

Consistency is the key

Now you know what to write and that your content needs to be consistent you can now focus on getting that content created. If you are creating an informational blog then you can keep things simple by writing the content yourself. In the blog-o-sphere it widly varies on the length of your content.

Depending on the frequency of your posts you may want to set a word count minimum. 500 per post is a good ballpark to start with. There is no maximum or minimum but it’s good to have goals for each piece you create.

Be accurate and look professional

When you read some blogs, and you will from now on, you will get a feel for what is great, what is good and what is just thrown together with no thought. If your typing speed is slow, no problem, nobody will know. If your spelling is not great or your grammar is poor then guess what? Everyone will know! The good news is that there are many tools around to help you.


Grammarly is one of the best. It can spell check, grammar check and is a great investment when you want to give your site that professional look.



Fiverr is literally a one stop shop for everything you could possible need and more. With prices from just $5 it makes sense to come here when you are looking for both budget pricing and quality. Be warned though, there are so many amazing professional services being offered here you will be spoilt for choice!

Visually stunning works best

As you start to grow your site you will naturally be checking out the competition. I do and I totally recommend you do too! You can get insight into what works and what doesn’t for free!  One of the things you will notice early on is the quality of the media used by many. You will notice high quality images, excellent videos and great podcasts. You can do this too and more.


Power Director 15 from Cyberlink really is a powerhouse of tools. A full range of tools including amazing photo editing tools to make your images wow your audience and a specialist range of video editing to produce amazing 360 degree video and incredible vertical video optimised for mobile phones.

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