Domain Name Registration and Hosting

domain name registration

Domain Name Registration

Now we get onto the fun stuff! Here is where we will think about what domain name we wish to register. We have to go back in time to our buyer intent. What we need to think about is what we are offering on our site. We’ll carry on using our ‘coffee maker’ affiliate idea to give you an idea of what we are looking for in a name.

So, going back to buyer intent. Well if we are promoting coffee machines we would most likely be reviewing products for your potential new customers to buy. With this in mind I would be looking to get a name with the words ‘coffee’ and ‘review’ in the name. Depending on how you wish to promote the site you could also include words like ‘top’ or ‘best’.

What we are looking to do is use the keyword you originally found and incorporate it into a nice sounding catchy site address like

Be mindful of using numbers like top5coffeemakerreviews as you may want to include more or less items and this could make your site seem out of alignment with your brand message.

New or Old?

Once you have a name in mind there are a few choices you can make, first you can elect to get a brand new domain name. Second, you could try and find an expired domain name and use that. Why an expired name? Well an expired name could have been used for another site which may or may not have some good backlinks to it and also have some CF and TF.

Remember the CF and TF? Citation and Trust flows. If you are able to find a good name with decent CF, TF and backlinks then your site will already have some built in credibility and will most certainly help you in ranking higher in the search engines.
The downside for this is you may not get an exact match for the name you want so its a bit of a trade off. Catchy name v better site metrics.

If you want to have a look at some expired domains that may be free have a look at and You will need to register with each but it’s free and you can get some great ideas to get you going.



You can see from the screenshot above from Moonsy that there are just a few results but the filters seem more intuitive. I filtered for a minimum of CF and TF of 10.

Look at the external backlinks and referring domains. The top 3 look ok at first glance but I would check the links out to see if how good they are. Look at number 4. 2300 links from 1 domain! That is something to be avoided as they are most certainly spam links to try and drive up the site ranking.

Search engines hate this and will drop you like a hot stone at a minutes notice so avoid domains like this at all costs.

The middle domain leroyhillcoffee looks to be the best of the bunch, you can see TF 12 and CF 28! Low spam score, 128 backlinks from 34 domains plus it has an Alexa rank of 9.86 million. Alexa is Googles ranking tool. There are over 1 billion websites today so a domain with a sub 10 million rank is not a bad place to start.

The name is the only sticking point really as is quite a personal brand. If you could get those metrics on a less specific domain name you would be laughing.


expired domains

There seems to be a lot more on display here and there are more domains to check. The filters are a little more unwieldy for my liking but you do get more choice. They use PA page authority and DA domain authority. These metrics are not really used so much now but can give a good idea of how a domain is looking if it appeals to you,

Have a look at PA and DA in the early 30’s so looks good initially (Remember you only want to see low metrics for your competition, yours needs to be as high as you can get it). 15200 backlinks may seem high but possible of the site has been around for a few years. I would have a look at this further to see if it looks promising.

There is another site, SEMrush to check competitors, which I use but i will go into detail a little bit further down the plan.
Which ever way you decide to go you will need to register your domain name.

I recommend and use the below services:

.com only £10.99 @123-reg


$1*/ mo hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

I urge to to check all 3 of these companies (Just click on the special link images above) who have allowed me to provide great discounted rates for my readers. All 3 have excellent reputations and services.

I have not had much call to use the support services as the up-time and quality of the products is high but when I did they all responded immediately and with a great deal of knowledge and willingness to resolve the issue.

Website Hosting

Hosting is where you are actually going to put your website. It can be with a different provider than the company you registered your domain name with so you can mix and match to get the best deal.

Now all 3 of the above companies provide excellent quality hosting. I use hosting from them myself but I can say in all honesty when it comes down to it you will want to choose your own provider. In addition to the above companies I would like to recommend Bluehost, Interserver and ServerPoint.

Bluehost Web Hosting $3.95

Now these guys really are the bomb! The hosting package is so easy to setup you are literally up and running inside of 15 minutes. Click on my special rate link (link image just above) to see what they have to offer, my link will give you web hosting from just $3.49 a month!


I currently can get you guys a special on for 1 click WordPress hosting. You get unlimited storage and data (awesome!) and a discounted domain registration of just $1.99 per year. Definitely worth a look if you ask me.

WordPress Runs Faster with ServerPoint

I have here for you unlimited bandwidth and  a free domain! Plus free access to a Weebly web builder tool if you like the idea of building your own site from scratch. Not for the faint hearted but fun and relatively easy to do.


Mix and match your suppliers

It depends on what budget you have as to what time frame you wish to sign up for. I recommend a 1 year hosting sign up as this will be cheaper than getting it month to month.  More importantly, if for some reason your debit/credit card does not go through, your site will remain active and you will suffer no loss of income as a result.

Most of the above suppliers will be able to give you differing deals. Have a think about what you are looking to do. If you are looking to create a photography blog, for example, then you will need a large storage solution. If you are looking to create an affiliate site then you would be more focused on up time and load speed.

Like every step we have covered so far, don’t rush, take your time and use the information I have provided so far to allow you to make an informed decision. Use my knowledge to take the exhaustive research away from yourself. I have provided a distilled, easy to follow plan which will set you on the path to earning your own income as fast as possible.

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