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how to make money online

Finding your niche

Before you begin to make money you need to find something you are passionate about. If you try to pick something you have little to no interest in then believe me you will get fed up and fail. If you try to find something you think everyone wants and you know next to nothing about it you will fail. If you just try to focus on ways to make money from home, you will fail.

Can you see a pattern emerging? Well you should because that’s how most blogs fail. Lack of planning, lack of commitment, lack of knowledge and most critically lack of enthusiasm.

If there is a topic, hobby or thing you are already passionate about then great! You are off to a good start. If not then put your thinking cap on. I mean really do it, spend a few hours, a day, a week if you have to. This is crucial as once you commit if you change your mind you will have to start over from the beginning.

The other thing to not focus on yet is how to make money online, we will get to that part later. What is important now is the foundation from which you will build your income.

Whether you want the best home based businesses for you or international travel jobs that allow you to travel to an unlimited number of destinations, you are in the right place.

Got an idea yet? Write everything down and don’t discount anything just yet. Nothing yet? Have a look below.

Niche ideas

Still stuck? Subscribe to our newsletter and get great tips including free niche ideas and keywords. In the meantime try thinking a bit more laterally, think about all aspects of your life, what you do, where you go, what makes you smile. It could be as simple as a good cup of coffee.

In fact let’s use that as an example. You like coffee so what can we do with that?
Off the top of my head I can think of a few.

You could try buying coffee and adding flavors to make your own unique blends for sale. You will need to research requirements as you will be dealing with food but you could even source ready packaged coffee to re-branding with your own label.

Maybe you could order and try the different coffee blends at home and put reviews for each online in a blog and add advertising onto the blog.

You could have an affiliate site promoting different types of coffee machines, grinders and equipment, earning commissions for each promoted item sold.

That’s just 3 things I thought of in about 2 minutes, imagine what you could think of in an hour or two or by brainstorming ideas with friends.

Think outside the box but within your niche

The sky really is the limit with blogging. People are making serious money from the most unlikely things. You can too. It does not have to be wild or wacky to work but it does have to be well thought out. If you are willing to commit fully then follow my plan and you will see the results and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Still stuck for ideas? Subscribe to my newsletter and/or take my course. I can give you help and ideas with not only finding your niche but help along the way with finding the right tools to use, how to get the right traffic to your site and more.

Now you have your niche idea lets have a look at how you will put this idea to good use.


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