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Your Site Design

Your site design and layout is going to be the first thing your audience sees.  You need to not only make it stand out but to make it relevant and part of your buyer intent. Whether or not you decide to go for something simple or vivid and eye catching it may be useful to use a professional team to design your logo for you. It all depends on your message to your customers.

Your brand

Take a few minutes to think about some of the major brands and jot down some of the things you both like and dislike. When I think of Apple, for example, I think of quality and understated elegance. The logo is globally recognised yet it is simple and effective.

Let’s think about another, take Walmart. The brand is more in your face and designed to make you notice. As a major retailer they sell thousands of brands under their umbrella so they need to not only make you aware of those but from who you are buying from.

As you can see from both of those brands. Very effective logos and designs but very different messages being conveyed.

When you are thinking of your brand think about what it is you want to say. It may be ‘hey we are the cheapest, come here!’ or ‘we are unique, you can only get ‘xyz’ from us’ or even ‘we are the best at what we do’

Try to style your brand to flow with your message. If you are trying to promote meditation and relaxation you would not be putting red text, flashing banners and rapid discount offers on your site. This would be the opposite of your relaxation message. Instead you would have soft pastel colours, a calming tone to your text. A gentle funnel to your desired area, whether it’s a product or free information with appropriate advertising would compliment the tone.

Putting it together

It may be likely that you do not possess the coding skills to create something amazing that you can be truly proud of. I know I don’t. This is why getting the professionals who specialise in these areas to help you is key. Not only can you waste a lot of time it can be truly expensive if you end up creating a real eyesore that nobody wants to look at as you will not make any sales. People will simply not take you seriously.

Have a look at these guys below, both of them have awesome services and can help you create something truly breathtaking. As you can see they have free options so if you are on a bit of a budget or simply just want to check them out click on the links below. You will not be disappointed!

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Now you have your great keywords, a catchy domain name, great hosting, a great logo and design it’s time for you to truly begin to shine. It’s time for you to start adding content to your site. Here is where you begin to see the fruits of your labour.

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